ORC Players


The Ottawa Reformed Church Players is a collection of youth and young adults that express their love for Christ through acting, dance and song. The group consists of approximately 30 people between the ages of 5 through those in their early twenties. The make-up is not only members and patrons of Ottawa Reformed Church, but also represents kids from surrounding communities.


The group puts on a number of different types of quality performances throughout the year. Shows range from full scale plays with singing and dancing at local theaters, to smaller performances during church worship services.


The ORC Players group is open to any youth with or without experience. The current group consists of a nice combination of experienced actors and actresses, and people with little to no experience. No auditions needed to join. Just the desire to have fun and entertain!


If you have questions or are interested in getting involved, contact Jeff Coffey at 616-836-1370 or email coffeyhomes@gmail.com.