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Whether this is your first, second or one of several updates you’ve received from ARC, we’re excited about the chapter of conversation and relationship we’re building with you. We’re in awe of where God is taking the Alliance of Reformed Churches and we are inspired by your encouragements to keep following the Spirit’s lead. 

With this communication, you become part a community of people who are listening and responding to the thoughts of the ARC leaders. These articles are intended to invite you into the ARC’s mission, vision, organization, analysis and more. Each week, we send out an email update with a summary of these articles for you to read and a link to follow to read the entire article. 

The Alliance of Reformed Churches also uses these updates to keep folks informed about the ongoing happenings in the life of the ARC. If you have any questions about the ARC, please don't hesitate to reach out via email at or find us on Facebook.

So, sit back. Read the blogs. Engage with us. Keep your eyes on what God is doing and will do.


Church Renewal •  Tim Vink

I've played team sports my whole life like volleyball, baseball, basketball, football and softball.  I love a lot of things about that---the physical workouts, the strategy involved, the camaraderie---but I also just love how measurable sports are...


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